Get Your Kids Off the Couch!: Scavenger Hunt for Letters


Too long spent in the house makes for restless kids. Time to get your children out into the open!

In this activity, your child is tasked to find letters hidden in an outdoor area, such as the backyard of the house. When they find a letter, they’ll be asked to check it on a checklist. This helps them to learn the alphabet. More importantly, it gets them away from digital devices and into the great outdoors!

Things That You'll Need

scavenger hunt.jpg

  1. Cards
  2. Markers
  3. A place to hide the letters

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How To Play Scavenger Hunt for Letters

  1. Draw letters on the cards. You don’t need to use every letter of the alphabet, just a few will do.
  2. Prepare a checklist of the letters that you’re using. Your child will tick off on the checklist during the hunt.
  3. Hide each card like you would an Easter egg. Remember: Safety always comes first! Don’t make it too difficult for the child to find the letters.
  4. Send your child to hunt for the cards with a checklist in hand
  5. Whenever they find a card, they just tick it off their checklist.
  6. Have a small reward for finding all the letters.


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