How To Get Your Child To Love Reading With The Reading Caterpillar Game

Here’s a great way to encourage your children to read more: get them to build a Reading Caterpillar!

The Reading Caterpillar is a large paper caterpillar. The more books your child reads, the longer it grows. Watching the Reading Caterpillar grow is a great motivation for your children to read more, and over time it will help them develop a love of reading.

Find Out How Can You Nurture Your Child's Love For Reading!

Things That You'll Need

reading caterpillar .png

  1. Coloured paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Markers
  4. Sticky tape
  5. A large empty wall, or any large space
  6. Collage materials e.g. stickers, sequins, buttons – anything for your child to make his/her caterpillar look attractive!

How To Play The Reading Caterpillar

  1. Take your coloured paper. Cut out circles big enough for your child to write and draw on.
  2. Get your child to use the collage materials to decorate one of these circles and turn it into the caterpillar head. Be creative! Use whatever you want, however you want.
  3. Find a prominent spot in your house. A fridge, spare wall, or a cabinet. Just as long as your child can see the caterpillar grow.
  4. Paste the caterpillar head on the spot. We’ve now started the Reading Caterpillar.
  5. Once your child finishes a book, it’s time to grow the caterpillar. Take one of the remaining circles. Help your child write the book name and a short summary in the circle.
  6. Paste it next to the Caterpillar head. Repeat for every book that your child finishes. Watch the caterpillar grow as your child reads more!

Have fun! Enjoy!