Parent's Testimonial - Ms Geraldine Tan

adorable-child-cute-1765421 (1)My son, Gideon Tang attends the Speech and Drama class on Fridays at 3 pm at United Square and is taught by Ms Karen. The new term starts today for him and I just want to share some positive feedback with the school!

Gideon has only attended two terms of Drama classes with Ms Karen, and I am very happy to see that he has grown more confident, articulates his words better now, and has learnt to project his voice during his presentations.

Ms Karen is very experienced, delivers her lessons well, engages us parents, and has a way with energetic children like Gideon. She has managed his energy well, transforming it into productive work! He really loves and enjoys her classes and has pestered me to send him for Drama classes everyday... seriously, he asked for Monday to Friday Drama classes with Ms Karen! During the one-month term break, he kept checking if the new term was starting. Well, Gideon will definitely be continuing with his Drama class next year, and I know he will want to stay with Ms Karen.

- Ms Geraldine Tan
Parent of Gideon, K2