Houses and Homes

It's all about houses and homes this week! Our preschoolers learnt all about where different animals as well as where humans live.


They visited the reptile park to learn about these scaly creatures and their natural habitat.

The cocoon

It's a cocoon! They also learnt that a cocoon houses a soon to be butterfly! Are you brave enough to touch one?


Designing our home K2 hard at work

After learning about the different animals' houses and habitats, it's time to look at where we live! Our preschoolers designed and built their dream houses for the future with various materials.

Making HousesMaking a house of out recycled boxes

Here they are building their houses with recycled materials.

Paper Houses we lovepaper houses

The younger ones designed and built their houses with lots of coloured paper!

Sand play - building our home

They also experienced that building a house with sand is really hard work!


It's been an eventful week at our preschool, with learning about where animals live and building dream houses! We cannot wait to see what they will be up to next week!

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