Hopscotch with a Twist: Hop Off From Smartphones


You’ve probably played hopscotch as a child. Here’s our twist on this childhood classic game – Hop To It!

Hop To It is played the same way as the classic hopscotch, except that you replace the numbers in the hopscotch grid with words. The more your children play, the more words they will read and learn. Doodling on the pavements with chalk with your children is also an inexpensive way to keep them entertained and stimulates their creativity.

Things That You'll Need

How To Play Hop To It With A Twist.png

  1. Chalk
  2. A small stone
  3. Pavement
  4. A good pair of shoes e.g. sneakers
  5. Water, mild detergent, and a scrubbing brush to remove chalk stains

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How To Play Hop To It

  1. Draw the hopscotch grid with chalk.
  2. Instead of numbers, fill the hopscotch boxes with words for your child to practise.
  3. Start with simple common words such as “dog”, “boy”, “girl” etc. Use more complex words as your child’s vocabulary expands.
  4. Your child tosses a stone into a box, and then hop to and from it.
  5. Whenever your child hops on a word, he or she reads it out loud.
  6. To make things more interesting, erase and change the words after your child successfully reads them.

Have fun!

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