Hari Raya Celebrations

Hari Raya Puasa falls on the first day of Syawal, the tenth month of the Hijrah (Islamic) lunar calendar, depending on the lunar calendar, the date varies each year.

This year, Hari Raya falls on the 5th June (Wednesday) 2019. In order to celebrate the occasion, Lorna Whiston Preschool decided to bring the whole school together to celebrate the event on the 4th June.

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It was a very colourful day at the preschool as children arrived in school in either the traditional Malay costume if not the traditional costume of their own ethnic group. A number of the boys were dressed in Baju Melayu while the girls came in sweet little Baju Kurungs. While Malay families usually dress in the same colour during the Hari Raya to represent unity, the sea of different colours and ethic costumes symbolised the unity of different cultures and ethnic groups at our Lorna Whiston Preschool too!

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During the group celebration, the children were introduced stories and activities related to Hari Raya and the Malay culture. The children were delighted to be able to take part and immerse themselves in the event and celebration.

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No celebration is complete without a yummy feast! During the morning snacks, the children got to try out a good variety of the Hari Raya goodies. Cakes, biscuits and sweet tarts are the children’s favourite! During lunch, chicken satay and Ketupat (boiled rice dumpling wrapped in young palm leaf) were served.

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Our preschoolers went home with a better understanding and appreciation of the Malay culture!