Field Trip To NEWater Visitor Centre

Our preschoolers went on a field trip to the NEWater Visitor Centre this week.

The NEWater Visitor Centre is an education hub that promotes water sustainability in Singapore and shares how NEWater is produced. The Centre offers a fun-filled and enriching time for visitors of all ages, with interactive tours and educational workshops.


Look at those excited faces, ready to learn about conserving water and how NEWater is produced! 



Our little ones learnt about how to conserve water at home.



They also go to know how NEWater is produced.



They definitely had fun learning at the Waterwise Arcade.



Look at how happy our preschoolers are, taking a photo with Water Wally!


Water is precious in Singapore. Through this field trip to the NEWater Visitor Centre, our preschoolers gained a little more knowledge on why it is important to conserve water. Let's all do our part in water conservation! After all, water is needed to keep all living things alive.