Field Trip to Doughworkz by Pasta Mania

How do we percieve the world?

Through our 5 senses, of course!

Our amazing body receives sensory information through our sensory organs: the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. All our 5 senses work together to allow us to explore and experience our surroundings.

Our N1 children learned about their 5 senses this week.   To immerse them into an experiential sensory treat,  we brought them on a special field trip to Doughworkz by Pasta Mania!

Look at all our excited little chefs! They can't wait to make their own pizza! 


But first, a short but fun briefing from the expert pizza maker!

All together now!


Learning to spread the tangy tomato paste onto the dough isn't an easy feat! See their serious faces, so focused on their task! 

Spreading tomato paste


Now it's time to add the  mouth watering toppings before popping them pizza into the oven!

Making our own

Our N1 students had an amazing time making their own personal pizzas!  Definitely a complete sensory experience!