Field Trip To 22 Stories

In preparation for our Fairy Tale Party, children from Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2 went for a trip to 22 Stories where Fairy Tale characters came alive and shared stories and tales. The children were fascinated and so star struck as they met many of their favourite well known characters!

See if you can recognise them!

Down the rabbit hole our preschoolers went and...

Alice in the reading room

... they met Alice in the reading room!

The Cheshire Cat

Our preschoolers took a photo with the mysterious Cheshire Cat!

Tea party with the Mad hatter

Exploring the Wonderland with Alice made our preschoolers hungry so they were invited to a tea party with the Mad Hatter!

Opening Ali Babas cave

Our preschoolers were whisked off to an unknown place after the tea party, where they eagerly awaited for the cave to open. Let's see what is in store for them!

Meeting Ali BaBa

Hi there! It's Ali Baba and his chest of gold!

Jasmine at the market 2

Jasmine at the market

Then it was off to the market with Princess Jasmine! Our preschoolers had fun shopping in the market place alongside with Princess Jasmine for fruits to magic carpets!

In Ariels palace

After a warm day at the market place, our preschoolers cooled off with Princess Ariel at her Ocean Palace! They had so much fun swimming with the ocean creatures.

Princess and The Pea

After the various activities, our preschoolers got ready for bed with The Princess and The Pea. Look at the amount of mattresses stacked atop of one another!

It was truly a magical time for our little ones as fairy tale characters came alive at 22 Stories. Which one of them is your favourite?