Balancing Act: 10 Favourite Instagram Accounts for Pre-school Tips

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Social media is a gold mine for parents. Especially if you’re looking for ideas to educate and entertain your children to wean them off digital devices.

Particularly on Instagram, there are many teachers and parents who have turned their accounts into a source of inspiration for other parents.

Here are 10 must-follow teachers on Instagram that we hope will inspire you.

1. Meghan at Playground Parkbench

Instagram User Name: pgpbmeghan

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With a website of the same name, Playground Parkbench documents Meghan’s life with her three children. While she’s not a teacher (Meghan’s a stay-at-home mom), we find that she has great ideas for your child’s development.

She dishes out tips to teach children positive values – like the Kindness Jar, which helps reinforce good behaviour – and life hacks such as a storybook organiser to avoid the bedtime scramble for favourite stories.

Follow her at 

2. Sheryl at Teaching 1 and 3 Year Olds
Instagram User Name: teaching2and3yearolds

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Sheryl Cooper is a preschool teacher/director who has a blog featuring preschool classroom designs and playful learning tips for toddlers and preschoolers.

Sheryl’s Instagram account has nifty tips on how to teach kids about the weather using painted weather stones; how to use a hand mirror to let three-year-olds see the facial expressions they can make; and how to creatively use a “magic microphone” when asking each child a question during group activities which, she says, help them develop their confidence.

Follow her at

3. Emma at Adventures of Adam
Instagram User Name: adcebtyresadam

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Adventures of Adam was created by Emma, a primary school teacher in Norfolk, UK who suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) during her pregnancy. The blog is a result of Emma deciding to follow the 30-day play challenge where parents are required to spend 15 uninterrupted minutes playing with their child. It soon evolved into a 100-day play challenge so it’s filled with HG-friendly play activity suggestions which Emma did while her son Adam was growing up.

Check out her posts on Exploring Sound through Drawing, Number Stickers on Cars, Magnetic Penguin, and Colour Wonder Colouring Book – activities which you can also do with your child to make reading, writing, and counting more fun and rewarding.

Adventures of Adam bagged the Best Preschool Blog title at the 2015 Mad Blog Awards. Follow Emma and Adam’s adventures at

4. Georgina at Craftulate
Instagram User Name: craftulate

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Bring out the inner artist in your child through activities that allow them to work with their hands. Craftulate (pronounced craft-you-late) was created in 2013 by Georgina Bomer. Her blog and Instagram account features a wide array of arts, crafts, and activities for young kids. Georgina is a stay-at-home mom who recently published a book titled “50 Halloween Crafts for Little Kids”.

Follow her at

5. Karen at Raising Little Superheroes
Instagram User Name: raisinglittlesuperheroes

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Karen has a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. In 2015, she created a blog called “Raising Little Superheroes”, where she shares her experiences as a now stay-at-home mom and a former elementary school teacher.

Her Instagram account is filled with brilliant posts like how to practice identifying synonyms through the Synonym Blocks Matching Game, or how to help kids identify the things found in the ocean through the “O is for Ocean Sensory Bin” activity.

Follow her at

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6. Jodie at Growing Book by Book
Instagram User Name: growingbookbybook

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Her passion for early literacy led educator Jodie Rodriguez to start the Growing Book by Book blog. With over two decades of experience teaching first to third graders and her two advanced degrees in education and administration, Jodie is certainly a trustworthy source of information for all parents.

Growing Book by Book gives parents and teachers suggestions on how to make kids develop a natural love for reading. Her Instagram account commonly features synopsis of her book recommendations. For instance, Jodie suggests the title “Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn” by Kenard Pak as a must-read for preschoolers during the fall season.

Learn more about Jodie’s book recommendations by following her Instagram account at

7. Collen at Sugar Aunts
Instagram User Name: sugaraunts

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Sugar Aunts is a blog featuring “sweet ideas for therapists, parents, and aunts”. The project was created by three sisters to create and inspire, and Colleen is at the forefront. She’s an occupational therapist, a stay-at-home mom to four kids, and she has 11 nieces and nephews!

The blog has a plethora of information on handwriting, scissor skills, vision, development, fine motor, and sensory ideas. For example, the Box and Dot Handwriting Strategy can help improve the children’s handwriting through letter formation and spatial organization.

For more techniques like these, follow them at

8. Kaitlyn at Simply Learning
Instagram User Name: simplylearning

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Designed with the busy mom in mind, Kaitlyn’s blog called Simply Learning features modern, hassle-free learning curriculums.  Her goal is to make learning manageable and fun. The blog features curriculum divided into three categories: Tiny Tot, Tot School, and Preschool.

In Tot School, Kaitlyn introduces different themes or concepts that parents can teach their toddlers. With subjects ranging from colours and shapes to textures and patterns, the curriculum for Tot School can be taught by parents as a 5-minute activity or a number of activities spread throughout the day. The best part? It’s all free!

Follow Kaitlyn at

9. Deborah at Teach Preschool
Instagram User Name: teachpreschool

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Whether you’re a teacher helping kids in a classroom setting or a parent teaching children in a home setting, you’ll find the Teach Preschool blog very useful. Deborah Stewart has a master’s degree in early childhood education and a part-time private preschool called “The Children’s Studio” in Indiana, US.  Her blog features tips on how teachers can fill their classrooms with opportunities for kids to write, how parents can develop their children’s reading skills through the Parking Lot Name Game, or how to do raindrop graphing on a flannel board.

Follow Deborah at

10. Meri at Merricherryla
Instagram User Name: merricherryla

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An atelierista, a private art teacher and a former K-2 teacher live in Los Angeles, Meri Cherry is also a proud mother of two daughters. Her blog features art projects that parents can do with babies, toddlers, 3-5, and 5-and-up kids. Meri’s Instagram is all about arts and crafts, while her blog has downloadable e-books such as “Three to Five Playful Preschool”, which features printable resources for hands-on learning for kids in math, language, science, art, and play.

Follow Meri Cherry at

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